Launch over the barriers of telecom billing and grow your business equity value.

Catapult is a custom telecommunications billing service that utilizes a proven cloud-based billing platform, along with powerful business tools, to launch your business above the competition.

  • User-friendly white label billing
  • Complete compliance and taxation coverage
  • Margin controlling resources
  • Company value building tools


Monetize your telecom business with optimized billing.

Utilizing the powerful software of, Catapult is designed to positively impact your revenue by eliminating common billing challenges. Our team begins with a thorough consultation to determine the exact tools and process your business needs.

  • ACH and credit card transactions
  • Automation for recurring payments
  • White label billing
  • Customized portal for ordering and billing


Don’t be grounded by compliance processes.

All compliance and tax payments are automatically handled through Catapult. There’s no need to register with state, federal, and local taxing authorities. Focus on profitable expansion with taxation and compliance services that protect your telecommunications business from future tax liabilities, which can reduce the value of your company. Catapult also provides future due diligence and security by providing a tax record database for audits when merging or selling your company.

* Exemptions, Taxation, and Compliance provided by GSA (the only SSAE certified telecom compliance company in the US).

Support that scales with your needs.

Setup for Catapult is fast, and since it’s a customizable solution, our ongoing support team will help your business scale and adapt to growth and future needs.

Product portfolio

All the control in your hands.

Impactful solutions at wholesale prices.

Catapult users have access to Altaworx wide array of telecommunications solutions at wholesale prices. Positively impact your customers’ businesses while increasing your margins by offering high quality solutions and customer service. All solutions are backed by Altaworx with white label options available.

  • UCaaS
  • Wireless LTE Failover
  • VPN

Data Management

Help customers stay in control of their margins and expenses through our data management tools integration and the Cisco/Jasper M2M Platform.

Ready! Aim! Fire!
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